Institute for Digital Natives (IFDN) understands that you do not want to share your personal and study data with anyone. That is why IFDN  is careful with this information. IFDN adheres to the General Data Protection Regulation . IFDN does need your information to help you properly. In this statement, IFDN explains which data IFDN requires from you and for what use.

Storage of your data

IFDN stores the personal data that IFDN receives from you or from your employer. This concerns, for example, information that IFDN receives when registering for a course, requesting a brochure, registering for a newsletter, or contacting IFDN by telephone or by e-mail. We collect and store, among other things, the following personal data:

  • Name (first and last name), address and other contact details.
  • Data relating to the course for which you have registered, including payment details.
  • Your feedback about the training and other information you provide.
  • Personal data in the context of your education, such as your presence, possible results and whether you have completed the course (with good result).

Use of your data

IFDN uses your personal data for the following purposes:

  • Registration and administrative handling of your participation in the course you have chosen.
  • Take execution of the course  you have chosen.
  • Carry out analysis so that IFDN can improve its services.
  • Giving advice about committing to a relevant course.
  • Keep you informed of all our services and products.
  • Send you requested documents / information and respond to your questions.
  • Comply with the applicable laws and regulations on education as prescribed by the (Dutch) government.

Sharing personal data with third parties

Institute for Digital Natives will not sell your information to third parties and will only provide this information if it is necessary for the execution of our agreement with you or to comply with a legal obligation. With companies that process your data in our assignment, we will have a signed agreement to ensure the same level of security and confidentiality of your data. Institute for Digital Natives remains responsible for the data.

Further explanation

IFDN anonymises the personal data that IFDN uses for analytics. You are therefore unrecognizable in our analysis.
IFDN can make your personal data available to for accreditation purposes. In connection with obtaining and maintaining an accreditation for a course, IFDN is legally obliged to allow the committees responsible for the accreditation to inspect personal data. This is limited by IFDN to a minimum.
In some cases, IFDN cooperates with external service providers such as teachers and examination offices. They may only use your data for the execution of those services that are in the interest of your training. They may not approach you for other purposes or pass on your details to other parties.
Finally, IFDN may be legally required by government agencies or other parties to share your data. IFDN then only shares the strictly necessary data.

Newsletter and subscriber file

With our newsletter we inform interested parties about news in the field of our services and everything that has to do with it. IFDN will only add your e-mail address to its list of subscribers if you give your consent. Each newsletter contains a link with which you can unsubscribe and / or adjust your preferences.

Online learning platform and your data

The Online learning platform is your personal online learning environment. Within this environment you will see details of your education, such as the program, dates and locations, additional assignments and links to sources on the internet, books and articles. You can also contact your teacher, fellow students and IFDN within the online learning platform. IFDN is happy to explain how we handle your data in this environment.

Security and retention period of your data

IFDN protects your personal data against misuse and access by unauthorized persons through the current available technologies. IFDN stores your personal data as long as this is legally required. In the interest of improving its services IFDN can keep your data longer, but in that case IFDN will always anonymize the data.

View, correct, update and delete your data

You may always view and / or improve or update your personal data. If you are studying at IFDN, you can view and adjust the most important data on your profile page. You can also indicate which data fellow students may see.

In addition, you can ask IFDN to delete your data and stop using it. In a number of cases, you can indicate that you want IFDN to use your data to a limited extent. IFDN can also convert digital data, such as a registration confirmation or study contract, for you into a document that you can print.

Do you want to perform one of the above actions? Then contact us by mail. IFDN responds as soon as possible, but in any case within 4 weeks, to your request. If you wish to have your data deleted, IFDN will first check whether this is legally (already) permitted. If IFDN is not (yet) allowed to delete your data according to the law, IFDN will let you know and indicate at which time IFDN can delete your data.

Use and operation of cookies

IFDN uses cookies on its website. Cookies are small text files that automatically appear on your computer when you use the internet. For example, a cookie records which web pages you view and which options you use. IFDN uses this information among other things to make its website more user-friendly.
In addition to cookies that ensure that you only have to enter data once, IFDN uses functional, analytical and advertising cookies.

Adjust cookie settings

You can set your browser to give you a warning if the website uses cookies and wants to place them on your computer. You can also completely block cookies. If you block cookies, it may be that the website is not working optimally. When disabling advertising cookies, make sure that this opt-out (deactivation) is stored in a cookie on your computer. As soon as you delete all stored cookies via your browser, IFDN can not check whether you have unsubscribed.

Operation of functional cookies

IFDN uses functional cookies for the proper functioning of the website. For example, they ensure that IFDN shows the right information quickly when you are on its website. Functional cookies always appear on your computer. You will not be notified for permission to do so.

Functional cookies that IFDN uses

Log-in cookie
Thanks to the login cookie you can log in to the online platform.

Operation of analytical cookies
Analytical cookies are used by IFDN to analyze how visitors use the website, for example how often the website is visited, on which page individuals arrive on the website and on which pages are clicked the most. This information is used by IFDN to improve the website. Analytical cookies also always appear on your computer. You will not be notified for permission to do so.

Analytical cookies that IFDN uses

Google AdWords cookie
The Google AdWords cookie measures which advertisement you enter on our website. Read in the Google Privacy Statement how IFDN ensures that this data remains private.

Visual Website Optimizer cookie
The Visual Website Optimizer cookie keeps track of where you click on the website. This allows IFDN to improve the website experience. Read in the Visual Website Optimizer Privacy Statement how IFDN ensures that this data remains private.

Facebook cookie
The Facebook cookie keeps track of the pages you visit on our website, so that IFDN (after accepting advertising cookies) you can show ads on Facebook that you can use, such as a personal offer. IFDN can also see that you have accessed a website via a Facebook advertisement. Read in the Facebook Privacy Statement how IFDN ensures that this data remains private.

Google Analytics cookie
The Google Analytics cookie keeps track of how you use the website. This information uses IFDN for reports on internet use. After accepting advertising cookies, Google Analytics audiences are also shared with Google AdWords to display ads that you can use to display on Google’s partner sites. Read in the Google Privacy Statement how IFDN ensures that this data remains private.

LinkedIn cookie
The LinkedIn cookie keeps track of which pages you visit, so that IFDN (after accepting advertising cookies) you can show ads on LinkedIn that you can use, such as a personal offer. IFDN can also see that you have accessed a website via a LinkedIn ad. Read in the LinkedIn Privacy Statement how IFDN ensures that this data remains private.

Changes Privacy and cookie statement

IFDN can change this Privacy and Cookie Statement. If you would like to know how IFDN protects and uses your data and which cookies IFDN uses for which purposes, we encourage you to regularly read this Privacy and Cookie Statement.


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