ELU educational model enables you to earn your  degree while you practice skills through workshops and meetups, action learning groups and work-based projects. Our mentors and facilitators support and guide you in your learning journey. You not only gain mastery in the science of data but also learn the art of leadership to become a change agency in your organisation.

Learning experience is flexible at IFDN because you are not restricted to physical classrooms as in traditional universities. Through our online learning platform, you have access to your learning resources any time you need. You learn from the best digital interactive content.

Learning experience is practical and adaptable at IFDN. You not only gain the necessary domain knowledge in your chosen degree but also practice by doing. You acquire the right skills for the job market through assignments, projects and workshops that address your learning preference.

Learning experience is community-based at ELU. While some of your work will be self-directed, you are part of a community of peers, mentors and facilitators who assist you in action learning groups or through one-on-one mentorship. Your mentor will interact you on a regular basis to help you get through the challenges throughout the programme. Also, your team projects will help prepare for your data scientist role which requires a lot of collaboration with others.

Learning Model

T-shaped Professional

The core curriculum of the programme is based on equipping people to understand the nature of their learning process and to understand that learning is something that happens continuously, at all points and moments of their experience and to become a T-Shaped Professional.