IFDN is designed to empower the individual.  A university credential for the dreamers and doers combining professional skills and personal development.

We are entering an era of Digital Transformation.
Digital Transformation impacts everything and everywhere. All countries, north & south. All companies big or small. All people young & old.

The changing world means we need to adapt our lifestyles, way of working and way of communicating.  As entire industries adjust, most  are undergoing a fundamental transformation.

While some jobs will be threatened by redundancy, new jobs will appear. Existing jobs shall change demanding new skillsets required to do them. People with lesser experience with technology being ruled out by default on a roadmap to digitisation.


At IFDN we believe anyone can be a Digital Native as long as experiences, environment, duties and responsibilities are matched with proper education to propel anyone into a digitally transformed future. Our students understand that their relevance in a future workforce depends on their ability to speak the language of technology.


Become a Digital Native through IFDN  and leverage your added value in any job or opportunity today and thrive in a digital-driven future.

IFDN provides access to what is available: an abundance of courses, material, tutorials, blogs, and youtube video’s. Never has it been so easy to access material to educate yourself. But this abundance creates a new challenge. How to find what is suitable for you? How to activate yourself daily? How to assess yourself? How to show a potential employer that you are credited enough? How to translate what you know into business cases? How to allow your knowledge to make an impact. How to take the opportunities you see. How to access the network related to your new expertise?



“We want to create an example for the future of
workforce development in the digital economy –
radically integrating education & jobs.”

Alper Utku – Founder & President European Leadership University.

We have built ELU as an university designed to bridge the skill gap by developing talent & engaging with employers for the skills they need now.

With our scalable work-based and online approach we are investing in talent for the fourth industrial revolution

Collaborating with the Institute of Digital Natives allows us to have a local presences presence and knowhow to make impact. Together we  match the growing and unsatisfied demand from corporates for the relevant skills with the supply of degree-level talent from countries.